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  • Improved scalp health by  cleansing and  removing buildup to maintain a healthy scalp.
  • Stimulate blood flow to nourish hair follicles.
  • Increased hair Health by reducing hair loss, promoting growth, and improved texture.
  • Soothing and Detoxifying by providing relief from scalp issues and removing pollutants.
  • Customization: Tailored treatments for individual needs.
  • Relaxation and Stress relief: By reducing tension, promoting relaxation and providing luxurious and calming experience.

Benefits of a Headspa


Mane Sancturary 

Embark on a personalized head spa journey, starting with scalp analysis and customized therapy. Experience relaxation with aromatherapy before a detoxifying process and customized masque application. Enjoy an extended scalp massage incorporating face and decollete techniques followed by our signature rinse and conditioning treatment, finishing with an express dry. Conclude with a closing ritual, feeling renewed and ready to conquer with a revitalized scalp and hair.

Scalp Bliss

Introducing our Scalp Rejuvenation Experience, akin to a facial for your scalp.  Feel refreshed as we cleanse and exfoliate your scalp, preparing it for a customized treatment tailored to your specific needs. Indulge in a deep conditioning treatment for your hair, leaving it nourished and revitalized. Reclaim the health and vitality of your scalp with our transformative Head Spa. May add Express Blowdry or blowdry and style

earthBound Signature scalp Experience

Our signature headspa treatment offers the ultimate pampering experience, starting with a comprehensive scalp analysis to identify your specific needs. Enjoy the calming effects of aromatherapy and a warm, aromatic foot bath to relax. A gentle scalp exfoliation removes buildup, followed by custom scalp therapy tailored to your needs. A soothing steam treatment enhances absorption, preparing you for a series of relaxing massages targeting your head, scalp, décolleté, hands, arms, and feet. The treatment concludes with an express blow dry, leaving you refreshed, revitalized, and perfectly pampered.

Head spa rituals, with origins deeply rooted in ancient traditions, have evolved into luxurious modern practices that blend holistic care with advanced cosmetology. These rituals draw from Ayurveda, Japanese onsen culture, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Ayurvedic head massages, known as "Shiroabhyanga," have been practiced in India for over 3,000 years, using herbal oils to enhance relaxation and scalp health. Japanese onsen culture, with its emphasis on comprehensive body and hair care, has contributed to the evolution of head spas, focusing on deep cleansing and relaxation. TCM emphasizes the flow of "Qi" and uses scalp massages and herbal treatments to maintain overall health. Today, head spa rituals incorporate these ancient techniques alongside modern advancements, creating a holistic experience aimed at both relaxation and beauty. Key elements include deep cleansing with specialized shampoos, scalp massages that improve circulation and reduce stress, aromatherapy using essential oils, and hydration with conditioning masks and serums. Modern technology, such as microcurrent devices and LED light therapy, further enhances these treatments. Contemporary head spa rituals are celebrated for their stress-relief benefits, promotion of scalp health, and cosmetic enhancements. They address common scalp issues like dandruff and hair thinning, contributing to healthier, shinier, and more manageable hair. Personalized care is a hallmark of modern head spas, tailoring treatments to individual needs based on scalp and hair type, lifestyle, and preferences. Ultimately, today's head spa rituals are a refined blend of ancient wisdom and modern innovation, offering a comprehensive approach to scalp and hair care that nurtures both physical health and emotional well-being.

What is a Headspa

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Contraindications for head spa treatments include:
- Braids, extensions, dreads
Open wounds or lesions on the scalp.
- Scalp sunburn.
- Severe scalp conditions like psoriasis or eczema.
- Recent chemical hair treatments.
- Known allergies to ingredients used in head spa products.
- Recent scalp surgery or implants.
- Pregnancy (certain treatments may require consultation with a healthcare provider).
It's essential to communicate any medical conditions, allergies, or concerns with your therapist before undergoing a head spa treatment to ensure your safety and comfort.

How to Prepare

headspa compliments...
Add ons

Scalp Targeted Solution Therapy Treatment
Foot Bath 
Tea Bath Pultice (may take home for bath experience)
Hydrating Hand Treatment
Reflexology 30 min
Blow Dry w/style
Light Therapy
Eye Cure